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Photo: Ulf Palm for Världsarvet Falun

Falun City Walks

Our boots were made for walking!

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The Black Boot Tour

an introduction to the Falun World Heritage site

Like your favourite pair of black boots, this tour does all of the things you'd expect from a city walk. It introduces you to the things that have made Falun so famous! It focuses, therefore on Falun's mining heritage and its long association with the copper industry. You will walk through the mine-worker districts, with their red wooden houses, and past the buildings specially constructed of old slag stone, an innovation introduced after Falun's devastating fires in 1761.

You will also walk along the beautiful Falun River, with its parks and public art, and stroll through the shopping district, with its fine squares, modern architecture and cafe and restaurant culture. Our guides will entertain you with stories about the town's famous residents and describe some of its local customs and traditions. If you've got time, we can drop you off at a local coffee shop where you can grab a "fika" (the famous Swedish coffee break) with a cinnamon bun.

Short on time but want to see it all? This is the tour for you!

The Red Boot Tour

unexpected stories about Falun, its inhabitants and visitors

This tour is like a pair of red boots: functional, but just a little bit different. Here the focus is on the weird and wonderful things that have happened in Falun to make it unique. As we wander our way through Falun's streets and squares, you'll hear stories about Fet Mats, the miner who disappeared for nearly 50 years, the largest coin in the world and the "pedestrian" craze of the 1820s. On this tour, the focus just isn't on history. It will also take you past the cycle lanes, parking lots and indoor swimming pools that have stirred up local controversy and public debate.

As an important mining centre, Falun has long been a magnet for people of all kinds. On this tour we'll tell you stories about the eccentric residents and notorious visitors who've become associated with Falun. Ever wondered what Pippi Longstocking's connection is to Falun? Or why Sweden has such great pop music? Come and find out!

If you've got time we can drop you off at a local coffee shop for a traditional Swedish "fika", the famous coffee break with a cinnamon bun.

The Shoemaker's Special

when you want something that's made just for you

When you've got special feet, you need a special pair of boots. We know that not everyone is into history and that for some, the thought of looking at another old house sounds boring beyond belief. Maybe you're more interested in architecture or food, or maybe you'd just like to ask "Why is Sweden like this?" You may have kids that you need to entertain, but still want to hear a bit more about the place you're visiting. We love answering questions and coming up with creative ways to make your visit to Falun special so give us a shout and we can try to arrange a tourist experience that suits you.


Our tours run daily throughout the summer but you have to book them in advance.

Contact us via email or telephone below to arrange your date and agree a price. The prices quoted here are for groups between 4-8 people (excluding children under 12, who get to go free!). If you are booking for a larger or smaller group, please contact us for an adjusted price quote.

Our online booking system will be up and running very soon!



adults                                 175SEK (abt $17, £13, €15)      

children under 12             FREE


It is most likely that Janice will be your guide. However, if she's not available, she can find another English-speaking guide who can show you around. All of us are authorised Dalarna guides and licensed by the Swedish guiding authority SveGuide.


Our tours take place in English. If you would like a tour in German or Dutch (or even Swedish!) we can try and accommodate you.


Falun City Walks is insured for public liability by TryggHansa. Further details upon request.


Our tour routes follow paved and level public sidewalks for the most part. There are some gravel footpaths and moderate inclines. The planned routes are fully wheelchair accessible, with some moderate adjustments.

Come prepared!

To quote the Swedish expression: kläder efter väder! Wear clothes and shoes to suit the weather.

It can be hot in Falun in July and there is not always a lot of shade. Hats and sunscreen are highly recommended. Our tours will run even if it is raining but we reserve the right to make adjustments to the route and its contents so you don't get utterly soaked!


Stora Torget, Falun

All of our tours start at the Engelbrekt statue in Stora Torget, Falun's main square. It's the large statue just across from the entrance to Kristine Church. "Posten" parking lot is only a 2 minute walk away.


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