About Us

Falun City Walks was set up in May 2023 by Janice Holmes, a Canadian living in Falun and an authorized Dalarna guide. It's aim is to offer English language tourist experiences in Dalarna. This year we're just focusing on running the best English-language walking tours of the Falun World Heritage site. Since the end of the corona pandemic, we've watched the number of English-speaking tourists rise, but for now FCW only offers walking tours on request.

Hi, I'm Janice!

historian, teacher and guide

I've travelled a long way to get to Falun! Born in Canada, I moved to Ireland when I was in my 20s. I worked as a university history teacher for nearly 30 years until, persuaded by my Swedish husband, our family moved to Dalarna. Since then I've discovered what an amazing place Dalarna is. In 2022 I became a certified Dalarna guide and only a couple of months ago set up Falun City Walks, a business offering walking tours on request in the World Heritage town of Falun. 

Moving to a new country is full of "a-ha" moments, times when you suddenly realise why the things around you are the way they are. These things can be hard to spot when you're travelling or on a short visit. Come on one of my tours and I'll show you how you can "see" Falun, and Dalarna, like a native!

My Network

Falun City Walks and I are part of a network of guides who work across Dalarna and farther afield. We are all licensed to guide in Dalarna and are certified by SveGuide, the Swedish national guiding organisation.

Dalarna isn't that big of a place so, when we can, we all try to help each other out. If I can't take you on a walking tour, I'm sure I'll be able to find someone who can.

Falun City Walks works in coperation with

a fantastic group of people and organisations